Our Story

Welcome to the Private Lingerie Club 

Hello! I'm Sofia, the founder of Unndr. 

Born and raised in London, I studied Law at University and graduated with a Masters in 2021.

After graduation, I took my first office job as a Legal Administrator within Real Estate and very quickly realised this was not what my life was meant to be. Before and after my 9-5, I was in search of a way to be able to have a true passion that I could live out in my day to day. I felt trapped by my unfulfilling career path and wanted to achieve something much greater. 

Prior to graduation, I was in lockdown (as where we all!) and I found myself inadvertently placing a huge focus on myself. I became my focus and after years of neglecting this, I saw myself in a different light, a better light. 

Over the course of 2020, I had developed into a version of myself I had never envisaged myself as. I had found myself by doing things for myself and made myself feel amazing and ultimately found out what true self care actually was. I was taking the deliberate action to improve my physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and in turn, was able to manage my life in the best way possible.

Fast forward to 2022, the free time a lot of us had to indulge in ourselves inevitably had dwindled and I felt the focus I placed on myself was slowly fading and the unhappiness of my job becoming was becoming unbearable. In the midst of this my calling in what I wanted to pursue in my life started to become clear (cliche but I really do believe this!)

It was then in mid 2022 I understood what I was best placed doing. I knew how beneficial my life became whilst indulging and taking care of me and I wanted to be the woman who could show this to so many other women and to reap the rewards of their actions for doing so. I also knew I wanted to be providing women this on a regular basis because that was how I saw results and to offer a product that was practical, beautiful & would help build confidence, and just like that, Unndr was born!

A brand I have built from understanding how to grow as a woman from actions I have taken in my own life. I am now pursuing my dream of helping beautiful women find millions of reasons to love themselves each and every month and how deserving they are of everything life can offer.

I think what I really love about the concept is that you get to self indulge on a regular basis, as once lockdown was lifted and life was trying to shift back to the norm, that regularity is what was lost for myself. I see a huge vision with Unndr, as I know so many of you do too, and I know the concept is unique & I can wait to see where Unndr will go. 

Now, I wake up excited and on a mission to help as many women become the best versions of themselves and I get to play a huge part on that journey with so many women whilst being able to provide an experience with beautiful pieces of lingerie and so much more. What a life.