Our Story

Welcome to our Private Lingerie Club 

Hello! I'm Sofia, the founder of Unndr. 

Born and raised in London, I studied Law at University and graduated with a Masters in 2021.

After graduation, I took my first office job as a Legal Administrator and quickly realised this was not what my life was meant to be, nor where I wanted my life to go. During lockdown, prior to my graduation, I found myself inadvertently placing a huge focus on myself. I became my focus after years of neglecting this, I began to see myself in a different & more positive light.

Over the course of lockdown, I had developed into a version of myself I had never envisaged. I was doing things for myself that made ME feel amazing and ultimately found out what true self care actually was. I was taking the deliberate action to improve my physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and in turn, was able to manage my life in the best way possible.

I think it was here that I fully understood what I was best placed doing. I could see the genuine improvements in myself through self care and I wanted to share this experience with other women.

Knowing I wanted to provide this self care on a consistent basis to the women around me (as I could see first hand how repetition is the best way to see tangible results), I wanted to offer a product that was practical, beautiful and would help build confidence... And just like that, Unndr was born!

This is a brand I've built from my own experiences as well as those of the many incredible women I've met along the way. I am now pursuing my dream of helping beautiful women find more reasons to love themselves, each and every month!